#4BarFriday Internship

Goodwin Sports Management is looking to hire an intern to assist us in growing Damian Lillard’s #4BarFriday social media platform. Damian Lillard and Goodwin Sports Management launched #4BarFriday on 9/13/13 as an opportunity for fans and aspiring hip-hop artists to showcase their rap skills. Since launching the challenge, over 26,000 people have followed @4BarFriday on instagram and there have been over 13,000 submissions using the #4BarFriday hashtag. The first #4BarFriday live event was held in New Orleans during NBA All-Star Weekend.

The #4BarFriday intern will be tasked with assisting Damian and the Goodwin Sports Management staff in growing the platform, discovering #4BarFriday talent and investigating business development opportunities. We are looking for college students with an interest in the intersection of music, sports and social media. This internship is for college credit only. Candidates can be located anywhere in the United States. The position will require 10-15 hours of work per week.

Interested in the position? Please contact Nate Jones at NJones[at]GoodwinSports.com

More on #4BarFriday:

* @4BarFriday on Instagram: Instagram.com/4BarFriday

* USA Today’s FTW Blog on #4BarFriday’s first live event: http://usat.ly/1iZDxMt

* Custom adidas Basketball #4BarFriday Crazy 1 with Damian Lillard’s #4BarFriday lyrics: http://bit.ly/1gk1pvw

* Dime Magazine covering LeBron James participating in #4BarFriday: http://dimemag.com/2013/12/video-lebron-kicks-rhyme-damian-lillards-4-bar-friday/

* Bleacher Report Ranking the best #4BarFriday videos submitted by NBA Players: http://bit.ly/18vA86D

* LeBron James dropping a #4BarFriday video: http://instagram.com/p/h4hBdgsZDU/

* Paul George dropping a #4BarFriday video: http://instagram.com/p/iHNOGLsZEK/

* Damian Lillard dropping a #4BarFriday video about his holiday charity event: http://instagram.com/p/iJtIYtMZF3/

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